The patented torsional ultrasonic vibrating blade (oscillating at a frequency of 36.000 Hz) effectively acts as a simultaneous cutting and coagulation instrument.

It minimises the risk of inadvertent damage from stray distal energy. The torsional vibrating of the active blade and the tissue compression focuses energy into the jaw area (energy is perpendicular (90°) to the axis of the blade).

The cutting speed of the LOTUS ultrasonic scalpel is directly related to the pressure on the trigger controlled by the surgeon. The clear tactile feedback enables precise cutting control by the surgeon.

Multifunctional instruments with manual controls are available in three length: 176 mm, 349 mm a 434 mm (coagulation, dissection, resector, grasper).

We offer two types of tools: dissecting shears and liver resector.

LOTUS dissecting shears are specifically designed for fast, precise haemostatic tissue dissection. The thin curved blade has focusing grooves and facilitates  accurate dissection at the desired location.

The LOTUS liver resector is specifically made for use on liver parenchyma tissue. The larger contact surface creates a stronger haemostatic effect.

The assembly of the transducer (reusable) and disposable handpiece is simple, no special tool required as it is Plug´n Play system.

Catalogue number:   LG4

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