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This Cookie Policy provides information on how cookies and similar technologies are used on this Promedeus website and related mobile sites, applications ("Applications"), electronic newsletters or devices that link to this Cookie Policy , so that you can make an informed choice about the acceptance of cookies by you.

What are cookies?

A "cookie" is a small text file that is placed and stored on your computer, smartphone or other device, or in a web browser by websites or applications that you visit. Cookies allow you to pass a small amount of information about your device to our web server. They allow websites to recognize your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device when you browse the web. Tracking pixels or web beacons, pixels, JavaScript, and other tracking technologies also use cookies and / or use invisible images or code to collect visitor session data in a manner similar to cookies. Depending on how long the cookie is stored, we distinguish between session cookies and persistent cookies:

Temporary cookies

The temporary cookies are deleted when the relevant website is closed. Temporary cookies may allow a website to remember you while you are browsing, but this cookie will then be deleted as soon as you log out or close the website or your internet browser. For example, temporary cookies may be used to enable shopping cart features to remember if you have added an item to your cart while browsing and searching for other items you wish to purchase on that website.

Persistent cookies

A persistent cookie will remember you for a while. During this time (it can be minutes, days or months) it remains stored on your device or in a web browser after you have logged out or closed your browser. For example, persistent cookies may be used to remember whether you have selected certain preferences on a website (eg your choice of language).

How does promedeus use cookies?

Promedeus uses both temporary and persistent cookies. Cookies and other similar technologies are used by Promedeus for several different reasons. Cookies are sometimes necessary for our website to function properly and to allow the proper functioning of functionality such as shopping carts and secure logins. Cookies allow us to count the visitors of our website and obtain information on how they use our website and its features, thus enabling us to continuously improve the user comfort when using it. Cookies can also allow us to tailor the content of the website to your preferences. Details about cookies used by Promedeus are given below.

Cookies we use

Cookies that may be used by Promedeus can be categorized as follows:

Necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary to ensure the correct and safe functioning of this website, which allows you to navigate the website, use its features and record your preferences regarding our use of cookies on your device. Without these cookies, some functionality (such as logging in to access controlled sections of the website or allowing the online shopping cart to track items selected for purchase) would not be available and you would not be able to use some of the services offered by the website. These cookies do not collect data about you for marketing purposes and are not used for the purpose of general monitoring of your activity on the Internet.

Functional cookies

These cookies allow the website to remember the options you have chosen (including user role authentication, acceptance reservations / disclaimers and language), your username, if relevant, and any customization you have made (for example, in terms of font size) or personalization options within your online activities. They can also be used to provide certain services that you can use, such as video content or allowing blog comments.

We may also use media players such as Adobe Flash Player or FlowPlayer to provide special content, such as video clips or animations. In this case, local shared objects (known as "Flash Cookies") are used to recognize your device in order to provide features such as remembering your player's settings and preferences. We may also place content on our website from our official YouTube channel which, when clicked on it, will cause YouTube to place cookies on your device.

Analytical / performance cookies

These cookies are used to manage and improve the functioning of the website and can help us identify problems that you may have with the use of our online services. These cookies can be used to facilitate online surveys, recording the number of visitors and other measurements of web analytics. They are not used to target you online. Without these cookies, we will have limited information about the performance of our website and we will not be able to ensure that browsing is more convenient and enjoyable for you. Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics retention periods are set to a standard period of 25 months.

Marketing cookies, cookies for sharing the content of social media

Our website may contain an integrated link that allows you to log in to your social media account in order to share content or comments. Cookies for sharing content on social media for AddThis and similar services may use cookies to identify your person as a member of the social media network in question.

Marketing cookies, cookies for anonymous tracking across sites

These cookies are used to track our visitors across various Promedeus websites. They can be used to create a search profile and view content or consumer history for visitors to our site. Identifiable or unique data may be collected. These cookies may be used to personalize suggestions for recommended content or items when shopping online, to confirm whether ads have been clicked, and to track which external content has been viewed (e.g. YouTube videos). Anonymized data may be shared with third parties.

Marketing cookies, cookies for targeted advertising of third parties

These cookies allow you to monitor your browsing habits and activities so that personalized marketing content can be displayed to third parties. External cookies and similar technologies such as pixels allow analytics providers, ad networks, social media providers and advertisers to monitor your online activities for a period of time, for example for the purposes of behavioral advertising, analytics and market research. Personally identifiable information may be collected and used to display targeted advertising.

Marketing cookies, cookies in e-mails

Like the cookies we use on our website, we use cookies and similar technologies in e-mails. These help us find out if you opened an email and what you did with it. Cookies may also be placed if you click on a link in the e-mail and you are active on the pages within our website

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