epoc ®

The epoc® Blood Analysis System is a handheld, wireless analyser for comprehensive blood gas, electrolytes and metabolites testing at the patient's bed within 30 seconds from the sample introduction. The results are immediately transmitted by wireless connection to the PC and LIS.

This simple analyser helps to reduce risks to patients, meets the critical care requirements while enhancing health care delivery across clinical pathways.

The epoc® analyser consist of

  • the epoc® BGEM test card
  • epoc® reader and epoc®
  • Host laptop computer

Single-use epoc® BGEM test cards use Smartcard technology and each of them offers a wide range of tests. They can be stored at the room temperature until their expiration date. The analyser does not need any test card calibration by the user, this is done automatically together with the electronic quality control check of each test card..

Measured parameters include pH, pO2, pCO2, Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca++, lactate, creatinine, glucose, Hct, BUN, TCO2. Sample type: arterial, venous, capillary samples, 92µ/90ul of capillary blood sample.

Calculated parameters include AGap, AGapK, cHCO3-,cTCO2, BE(ecf), BE(b), cSO2, cHgb, eGFRmdr*, eGFRmdr-a*, BUN/Crea, eGFRckd†, eGFRcdk-a†, eGFRswz‡.

epoc ®
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