Winix ZERO air purifier

At present Winix ZERO air purifier is the market leader in the segment of air purifiers. It offers high performance and efficient filtration for an affordable price.

Winix ZERO air purifier is certified and complies with the strict requirements for efficiency and performance.

The advanced Winix ZERO filtration system removes from the indoor environment dust, pollen, animal dander, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses, mould spores and harmful chemical substances and odours.

Recommended floor area
For allergy sufferers: 39 m2
Normal operation: 62 m2
Maximum air flow: 390 m3/h

Winix ZERO air purifier description

The Winix ZERO air purifier offers the best quality/performance-price ratio. The installation is simple, just unpack the air purifier and plug it into the socket. If you set the auto mode, then you don´t have to do anything.

- 4 stages of filtration with the certified efficiency of 99.97 % (washable pre-filter, True HEPA filter H13, carbon filter, PlasmaWave 2.0™)
- patented PlasmaWave 2.0™ technology – generates positive and negative ions to increase the efficiency of the air purification
- 5 speed modes (low, medium, high, turbo, sleep) automatic or manual cleaning mode
- Auto Mode – the performance is adjusted according to the level of the particle amount in the air detected by the intelligent particle sensor.
- Automatic Sleep Mode – as soon as the room gets darker the light sensor automatically switches over to the quiet mode and dims the LED controls.
- Change Filter Indication – indicates the need to change the filter according to its actual use
- Air Quality Indicator – indicates the air quality at three levels (blue – clean air, orange – moderate pollution, red – high level of pollution)
- Particle Sensor – monitors the air quality and automatically adjusts the performance
- easy to use control panel with LED controls
- timer – 1/4/8 h
- handle for carrying
- low noise level 27.8–60 dB
- certification CE, RoHS, Energy Star, ECARF and ARB guaranteed performance values CADR from AHAM
- Energy Star – energy efficient product
- white and black colour

Winix extended 3 year warranty. It is easy to get 3 year extended warranty. Just register at the following website: where you will find more details on the extended warranty.

Filtration system
1. The washable pre-filter – captures large dust particles, per hair, fibres etc.

2. The True HEPA filter, class H13 – removes 99.97% of all dust particles in the air up to 0.3µm small in sizes such as smoke, bacteria, pet allergens, pollen and fungi spores.

3. Carbon filter – eliminates odours and harmful volatile substances.

4. PlasmaWave 2.0™ – plasma-based technology of air purification is the last stage of the filtration process. It neutralises and decomposes most of potentially harmful micro particles. In addition, it generates ions which charge the air and make it not only clean and healthy but also naturally fresh. The new generation of the PlasmaWave ionizer is so quiet that is nearly inaudible.

Winix PlasmaWave 2.0™ technology mimics the natural process of air purification. The enhanced PlasmaWave 2.0™ technology eliminates, at the molecular level, odours, allergens, chemical vapour and other pollutants present in the household environment without generating harmful ozone or high level of noise like the older types of ionizers did.

PlasmaWave 2.0™ technology generates both positive and negative ions which attach themselves to the surface of air pollutants to form hydroxyls by removing hydrogen from the structure of air. Hydroxyls quickly neutralize viruses, bacteria, chemical vapour, odour, and other pollutants in the air by decomposing their molecular structure into water vapor and other non-harmful substances commonly present in the air. This is a similar process as the one happening in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

Winix ZERO air purifier
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