Winix TOWER QS air purifier with an integrated JBL speaker

This air purifier combines highly efficient air purification with the possibility to listen to the music. You can simply pair the air purifier with the mobile phone and then listen to the music coming from the superior quality JBL speakers.

Recommended floor area:
for allergy sufferers: 40 m2
normal operation: 65 m2
max. air flow: 405 m3/h

Advanced air filtration
360-degree air suction. Inside the cylinder the air passes through a set of filters and the clean air is released upwards. It then pushes the untreated air down from the ceiling and walls to the air purifier and in this way the circulation of air is maintained.

Product description
- 4 stage filtration with 99.97 % (pre-filter, True HEPA filter, carbon sheet CD filter, Plasmawave™Neutralization)
- PlasmaWave™ – generator of positive and negative ions
- integrated JBL Bluetooth speaker (16 Watts)
- manual, automatic and sleep modes
- 3  levels of air quality indication
- 5  speeds
- change filter indicator
- air quality indicator – automatically monitors air quality and adjusts the power accordingly
- light sensor – detects the ambient light intensity and adjusts the brightness of the LED indicators and switches over to the quiet mode
- touch control panel with LED indicators and sound signals
- low power consumption, low noise level
- certification: CE, RoHS, Energy Star, ECARF, ARB
- colour: white and silver
- Winix extended 3 year warranty

It is simple to get 3 year warranty. Just to register at website where you can find all the details on the extended warranty.

1.—3. A unique cylindrical shape with all-in-one filtration consisting of the following stages:

Pre-filter – designed to catch larger airborne particles of dust, pet dander, fibre etc.

True HEPA filter – captures 99.97 % of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns such as smoke, microbes, some types of viruses, pollen, animal allergens and mould spores.

CD carbon filter – reduces volatile compounds and odours.

4. PlasmaWave™ technology – increases air purification performance. It is the last stage of the filtration in which bacteria, viruses and other harmful air pollutants are neutralised. The safe and short electrical discharge generates dual polarity ions which improve the air quality by eliminating pollutants which results in cleaner, healthier and fresher air.

Winix PlasmaWave™ Technology
It harnesses nature’s ability to clean the air. PlasmaWave™ technology attacks pollutants at a molecular level to neutralize viruses, bacteria, chemical vapours, odours and gases in the air without producing harmful ozone.

PlasmaWave™ technology creates both positive and negative ions which attach themselves to the surface of air pollutants to form hydroxyls by removing hydrogen from the structure of air. Hydroxyls quickly neutralize viruses, bacteria, chemical vapour, odour, and other pollutants in the are by decomposing their molecular structure into water vapor and other non-harmful substances commonly present in the air. This is a similar process as the one happening in the upper layers of the atmosphere. PlasmaWave™ technology mimics the natural process of air purification.

Low operation costs
Automatic change filter indication depends on the level of soiling. The Winix air purifiers can detect when filters need to be changed. Unlike other purifiers the change filter indication is not a set value based on the number of operating hours. The purifier CPU stores the important operation data such as the motor operating hours and the speed.

As soon as the system identifies the need to change the filters the LED control is lit. You don´t have to check whether the filter is soiled or it never happens that you change the filter which could serve more.

Winix TOWER QS air purifier with an integrated JBL speaker
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