Soloassist II

 Robotic camera control for laparoscopy with a well designed mechanical and free joint for maximum flexibility
•Simple control by joystick or voice
•Stable OP field of vision
• Surgeons can work with both hands
• Minimum costs spent on disposables

Media  & Clinicians reviews

  • ProCare and Set Zdravia:   Prvý onko-gynekologický online workshop v michalovskej nemocnici. Pomáhalo aj hlasom ovládané robotické rameno
  • prof. MUDr. Jaromír Mašata, CSc. from the VFN Praha on Soloassist II: "The system significantly helps the assistant physicians at complicated operations. It enhances the work ergonomics for assistant physicians during long procedures."
  • "Whenever one tries something new it always takes some time before one learns how to use these new things. As the number of procedures is going up and a new system is running in it can be expected that a procedure will not take longer. The advantage is the steady field of vision without any artefacts caused by shaking hands. The key advantage of this new device is the fact that it can do the work of the assistant surgeon", is the opinion of  MUDr. Miloslav Mazur, Ph.D., MBA from AGEL Hospital in Ostrava-Vítkovice on Soloassist II robotic arm
  • Chirurgové v  Nemocnici AGEL Ostrava-Vítkovice testují unikátní robotické rameno


Soloassist II
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