Elevating outcomes of the surgery with Senhace System

Elevating outcomes of the surgery with Senhace System

The name of the company Asensus Surgical says it all. The initial ‘A’ stands for artificial intelligence and augmented surgery, reflecting the company’s emphasis on new technologies designed to enhance the operator’s cognition (‘sensus’ in Latin).

Wouter Donders, General Manager EMEA / CIS at Asensus Surgical summarizes knowledge about the integration of artificial intelligence in surgeries in Germany, their applicability in robotic surgery and the new training center Amsterdam Skill Center, where surgeons can train and have hands on sessions.

Why the Elevation of Surgical Outcomes is needed:

 1 in 5 patients undergoing surgery has 1 or more complications. “This is simply not good practice if you compare this with other industries. Think what this would mean if you had these complications in the airline industry, no company would survive,” says Mr. Donders.

The Senhance robotic system is literally packed with innovative technologies. From haptic feedback, eye-tracking feature, which allows control of the laparoscope just by looking at where the instrument should move or where the surgeon is focusing; augmented 3D HD visualizations; advances in instrument manufacturing have opened the field of pediatric surgery for the Senhance Surgical System. The instruments are sterilizable and reusable and the system is completely versatile. It does not require you to use specific cameras, generators, or instruments. Thanks to the adapters, you can use everything you are used to. The minimum size of the OR is 6x6m2.

More about the robotic system Senhance here.

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