ACUSON Juniper

The most universal ultrasound system of Siemens Healtineers,
The ACUSON Juniper™ Ultrasound System is a high-performance, shared service ultrasound system that can scan virtually every patient offering great diagnostic confidence across all departments. It brings down the costs of health care and makes it more accessible.

• The smallest, lightest and quietest system in its class suitable for mobile applications and other similar use.
• Simple and intuitive control makes this device versatile and adaptable for wide range of clinical applications across all departments.
• Six ports, 16 transducers, QuickStart function (5 seconds start-up time after the transport) add to its operability and productivity.
• The system guarantees emitting and receiving acoustic signals in high quality, significantly supresses noise and offers premium quality image and the best flexibility in its class.

ACUSON Juniper
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