Surgical Motor System HighSurg 30

The reliable and versatile Neurosurgery HighSpeed Motor System for individual Control of Perforator, Craniotome and HighSpeed Handpieces

Micro processor motor management

A sophisticated, micro processor controlled motor management is responsible for a silky-smooth, low vibration running of any handpiece with speeds of up to 80,000 rpm. Precise and save cuts, as we know them only from high priced Motor Systems, are now possible with this further developed Shaver System with a continuous mode, as well as oscillating mode.

Built-in, tunable peristaltic pump

The cooling of the instruments is maintained by the built-in, fine tunable peristaltic pump. A broad range of newly developed Shaver Blades are available for all situations one might think of and form a well matched unified whole with the new HighSurg 30.

Big display to operate in sync

The user friendly concept of being able to operate in sync with the big display, which provides a view of the speed (rpm) and the torque graph, enables working with great safety and confidence in every situation required.

Two motor connections

To keep your focus on the job, we equipped the HighSurg 30 with two motor connections, which spares the re-chucking of handpieces.

Pedal to control the system

With the included pedal you control the pump, the programs and the motor. The revolutions per minute of the motor and the activation of the pump are directed with the tread-plate.

Surgical Motor System HighSurg 30
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